Certified Game Server System Administrator

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Certified Game Server Manager

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Certified Game Server Designer

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Certified Game Server Developer

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Frontend Developer

"Remember that when two otherwise identical candidates compete for the same job, the one who has a certificate has an advantage over those who do not."



"If you want to pursue a career in the future, you have to learn and practice. Knowledge is power, especially in the current labor market, and you should update your skills and knowledge regularly."



"Competition for IT jobs can be tough, and certification is a big advantage for those who do not. IT certification offers you an advantage if you are hired by a manager looking for a CV."


Art Director

"If you want to climb the corporate ladder and move up to an increasingly well-paid job in the company, you need to learn new technologies and improve your skills."


System Administrator

"There is no better way to demonstrate knowledge than to earn a new certification and move up the certification chain in your current area."


Security Analyst

"Get past your competitors, certification can only mean that your resume will be more valued than your competitor’s."